Boom Beach Hack on all iOS and Android devices

Boom Beach hacks and cheats have been around since several years, but which one is really working? We made the ultimate test to figure out of it is really possible to get unlimited free diamonds and other items on Boom Beach. Or is it just a huge scam?

boom beach hack apk

For too long there are videos all around the Internet on YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook showing people who are using a “Boom Beach hack” to get a huge amount of diamonds and gems. Most of the people who are watching it are confused or think about a fake. We saw the video and screenshots as well and thought to ourselves: “Is it really possible to cheat and hack on Boom Beach by some many people?” I mean, come on, there is not only one picture or video online, there are hundreds by hundreds of different people. How is this possible?

boom beach hack

The first thing we would do was to contact one of the video owner. They could explain what it is about, what it does and if it is really working! Luckily we were able to get in contact with one. He told us the website MiaMilawGame is the best place to use a Boom Beach hack. He said the website is in german, but its functionality is the best on the whole Internet. That was pretty interesting, because we asked if it is really working and this guy replied “The Boom Beach hack tool on Miamilawgame is the best working.”. He skipped the question IF it is working and went straight to which one is the best working. It seems there was absolutely no doubt about it. So we went even further and asked him to show us his actual iOS or Android Boom Beach account. We wanted to see if he really owns that much diamonds. Yes, he does. And you know what? He owns a millions of diamonds. It is not possible for anyone to get them all by spending money. He must have used a cheat engine or hack to get them.

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